23 useful things you can make with a 3-D printer

3-D printers have been used to create some incredible things over the past few years.

3-D printers have built houses, produced food, and generated all sorts of surprising objects. But they’re not just for hobbyists and large-scale projects.; 3-D printers are capable of creating incredibly useful and clever household objects you may not have even considered in the past.

CGTrader, a marketplace for 3D artists, knew that there were plenty of useful things you could make with a 3D printer, so they gathered up these handy 3D-printed objects. We added a few creative yet useful additions from Makerbot’s Thingiverse and Shapeways as well.

This is an update of a post originally written by Dylan Love.

This working padlock and its key are made entirely out of plastic.

Make sure your headphones never get tangled again with this ghost-shaped headphone wrap.

This lamp is made out of several smaller pieces that snap together.

You can 3-D print this chip clip to keep your snacks fresh and crisp.

For the musicians, you can make a pickup holder for acoustic guitars.

If your headphones break, you can 3-D print a part to replace it.

Need some kitchen tools? Here's a garlic press.

Turn your old milk jug into a watering can with a 3-D printed spout.

You can even make measuring cups in super-specific sizes.

The platform for this roving Wi-Fi camera system was built on a 3D printer.

These glides designed for hairpin-legged furniture were made with a 3-D printer.

You can make a fully functional combination lock.

Print a sustain pedal for your keyboard.

Or, you can print your own wall clock.

If you need a hand with the groceries, you can print a bag holder to make it a little easier.

There are tons of designs on Makerbot's Thingiverse for iPhone cases. This one is made to fit the iPhone 6.

This hand-powered generator is made from home-printed plastic parts.

Next time someone surprises you with flowers, try this 3-D printed object that clips onto drinking glasses to turn them into vases.

A solution to a common problem.

Love cherries and hate their pits? You can make this cherry pit remover.

Another classic problem -- this keeps all your toothpaste packed near the top of the tube.

You don't need a new door, you need a door-grabber.

This 3-D-printed potted plant holder has an opening at the bottom to show you how much water is inside.

BONUS: It's not exactly useful, but we loved the detail that went into this dragon automaton. It flaps its wings as you turn the crank.

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