16 Actually-Useful Things You Can Make With A 3D Printer

The all-too-common criticism against consumer 3D printers is that you “can’t make anything useful with them.”

While they’ve come down in price immensely ($400 versus tens of thousands of dollars), there’s still the problem of making them appealing to the Average Joe.

We have this once-exclusive technology shrunken down to fit on our kitchen counters, and we don’t know what to do with them.

CGTrader, a marketplace for 3D artists, knew that there were plenty of useful things you could make with a 3D printer, so they gathered up these handy 3D-printed objects. We added some of our own as well.

This working padlock and its key are made entirely out of plastic.

This lamp is made out of several smaller pieces that snap together.

For the musicians, you can make a pickup holder for acoustic guitars.

This hydroelectric generator used 3D printed parts to generate electricity after the earthquake in Japan in 2011.

Need some kitchen tools? Here's a garlic press.

You can even make measuring cups in super-specific sizes.

The platform for this roving Wi-Fi camera system was built on a 3D printer.

You can make a fully functional combination lock.

Print a sustain pedal for your keyboard.

If you need a hand with the groceries, you can print a bag holder to make it a little easier.

This hand-powered generator is made from home-printed plastic parts.

A solution to a common problem.

Love cherries and hate their pits? You can make this cherry pit remover.

Another classic problem -- this keeps all your toothpaste packed near the top of the tube.

You don't need a new door, you need a door-grabber.

This case for an individual cigarette means you can smoke anywhere.

BONUS: It's not exactly useful, but we loved the detail that went into this dragon automaton. It flaps its wings as you turn the crank.

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