INSTANT MBA: There's A Certain Method To Attracting Talent By Using The Web

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Today’s advice comes from Dan Schawbel, founder of Millennial Branding, via the Washington PostFirst and foremost, entrepreneurs need to focus on creating a strong product and vision so that other people will have a genuine desire to be part of something bigger than them. They then need to maintain a strong Web identity so that both active and passive job seekers can find out more information about their company.” 

Companies and prospective employees have a symbiotic relationship with the Internet; both parties use the web to promote themselves and connect with one another. For businesses to fully take advantage of this medium, they must optimise their brands on social media platforms. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn can be especially useful when recruiting new talent. A quick and targeted search can lead you to a candidate with skills that match your company’s needs. 

Above all, remember that you are in control of marketing your company. Your accessibility and image will determine whether you attract or deter applicants. 

“The object of your Web presence, as it concerns recruiting, is to tell your story and explain the type of talent you’re working for. By putting it all out there, you will eliminate those who aren’t a cultural fit and attract those who are.” 

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