Usain Bolt Will Have A Tryout With Manchester United

Usain Bolt

Photo: YouTube

Usain Bolt is a huge soccer fan in addition to being the fastest man in the world, and according to Yahoo! Sports, Bolt will get to live out his dream of suiting up for Manchester United. Bolt will report to United’s training ground outside Manchester after the Olympics conclude for a trial with the team. 

United defender Rio Ferdinand claims to have brokered the deal on Twitter:

Manchester United is one of the best club teams in the world, so Bolt’s tryout is nothing more than a publicity stunt. It’s well worth United’s time, though, as pictures of Bolt wearing a United jersey in practice will likely draw a few new fans from around the world. 

The video below shows that Bolt’s got a bit of skill with a football, though, so maybe the Premier League is in for a surprise. 

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