The fastest runner in the world wears an unlikely shoe brand

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt has been with one brand his entire career: Puma.

These days, he’s endorsing the company’s Ignite XT training shoes with a new campaign dubbed “What are you training for?”

It seems to have been a profitable deal for both Bolt and Puma.

Puma released a statement in July 2015, reporting that it has seen sales growth in all regions, driven by footwear.

Sales of Puma’s running, training, and lifestyle shoes rose by 16.2% in the second quarter to about $US400 million, according to Puma’s financial report as of June 2015.

When Puma renewed its contract with Bolt in 2013, the Daily Telegraph reported he would be paid $US10 million a year to promote the shoes through 2016.

Puma offered an extra $US10 million incentive for another year in 2017 following rumours that the sprinter would be retiring after the 2016 Olympics.

Regardless of whether he competes or not, Bolt will continue to be paid $US4 million a year as an ambassador to the Puma brand. 

Puma’s current “Faster Forever” campaign has focused on showing its athletes and products in action.   

The Ignite XT campaign began last month, and the advertising behind the shoe is simple and broad- reaching because the shoe isn’t meant for one specific area of training.

Puma IgniteXTPuma FacebookPuma’s IgniteXT

What does the fastest man in the world train for? To be faster. 

And it’s not just Bolt who’s advertising these shoes. Rihanna is too. 

According to Puma’s most recent financial report, she will be at the center of their marketing campaign over the upcoming months.

So what does Rihanna train for? Platinum. 

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