Usain Bolt Said The Commonwealth Games Were 'A Bit S..t'

‘Wait. You actually told the team you’d give it your best shot?’

Oh, Usain Bolt.

The Jamaican 100m Olympic champ is on the lam after saying what everybody else thinks, that the Commonwealth Games were:

“a bit s**t.”

And the Olympics:

“were better.”

Bolt is due to run this weekend in the 4x400m relay and it’s going to be some kind of reception now.

He made the remark yesterday after chatting with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, according to The Times.

Leaving the village “to do some business”, he made the remarks after waiting in the rain for his car.

A Commonwealth Games spokesman told the Mirror he thought Bolt “must just be having an off day”.

And yes, while it’s obviously not a world championship, there still needs to be some level of respect for the people who need CG success to boost their careers, and the record-breaking 1.2 million spectators who were happy to turn up for it all.

David Grevemberg, chief executive of Glasgow 2014, told the Times: “We are utterly thrilled by the positive reaction Glasgow and Scotland’s Games is receiving from Commonwealth athletes.

“The passionate support of the packed crowds in the venues is inspiring.”

So, boo to you, Usain Bolt. Boo.

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