Usain Bolt had a great, simple response to winning a 200-meter heat despite jogging the end of the race

Usain Bolt seemingly keeps finding ways to top himself.

After smiling for camera before he won the 100-meter semifinal, then coming from behind for a gold in the final, Bolt was up to his usual antics in the 200-meter heat on Tuesday.

Bolt raced out to a lead, and once he had first place sealed, began to jog, slowing down noticeably before the finish line, then crossing before someone could out-touch him.

He finished with a time of 20.28 seconds, which could have been markedly better if he didn’t slow down toward the end. Afterward, when asked if he could break a world record running like that, Bolt put it all in perspective with a great quip.

It’s even evident in photos that Bolt was running half-speed while his competitors sprinted hard.

This is all just practice for Bolt until the 200-meter semfinal on Wednesday.

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