This Massive Jamaican Shot Putter Is Making Sure No One Can Get Anywhere Near Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt Dorian Scott shotput Olympic Village security

Photo: Mark Dadswell/Getty Images

It appears as if Usain Bolt is letting fame get the best of him at this year’s Olympics.Fellow Olympians immediately turned into average fans Thursday when Bolt entered the dining hall at the Olympic Village, applauding and giving him a standing ovation even though they couldn’t come anywhere near him because of his big entourage, according to Martin Rogers of Yahoo! Sports.

Since Olympic athletes aren’t allowed to have private security forces while they’re inside the village, Bolt has enlisted a few of his Jamaican teammates to keep the crazy mobs away: discus thrower Jason Morgan, shot putter Dorian Scott, and 4×100-meter relay reserve Kemar Bailey-Cole.

The 6-foot-1, 291-pound Dorian Scott (pictured) may be the man best suited for the job since he has experience working as a part-time bouncer in Jamaica. (Also: JUST LOOK AT HIM.)

One anonymous athlete who was in the dining hall when Bolt came in Thursday says this pseudo security force is with him “wherever he goes.” Adding (emphasis ours):

“I got a photo with Bolt at the Village in Beijing but that won’t be happening this time around. Those guys, especially the big shot putter, won’t let anyone get close.

Bolt has a slightly more diplomatic spin on things.

“The boys have got my back. We are a close team and everyone looks out for each other.”

Seeing as the USA Basketball team, a.k.a. made up of MUCH bigger and more enduring stars than Bolt will ever be, was able to frolic through the Olympic Village and just have a great time we don’t see why Bolt can’t do the same.

To each their own, we guess.

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