Usain Bolt took a subtle jab at his opponents when explaining why he was disappointed with his time in the 200

Usain Bolt completed the triple-double on Thursday night, winning the 200 meters for the third-straight Olympics after having already done the same in the 100 meters.

Bolt reached the finish line in 19.78 seconds, more than two-tenths of a second faster than anybody else in the field, but still way off his world-record time of 19.19 seconds.

After the race, Bolt expressed disappointment in his time and at the same time took a subtle jab at his opponents in this year’s 200 (emphasis ours).

“I wanted a faster time,” said Bolt. “I felt good, but when I came into the straight, my body wouldn’t respond to me, so I guess it is just age and all the rounds is taking its toll … I wanted to run faster. I really wanted to go faster. I came on with that mindset. I think it would have helped if I had somebody faster in front of me, to really pull me, to run out of the corner a little faster. I came into the straight. I tried. But my body would not respond to me.”

Despite Bolt’s undisputed crown as “The World’s Fastest Human,” it was unusual to see him with such a big lead at the mid-way mark of the race.

More typically, Bolt is amongst the leaders halfway through a race. Where Bolt separates himself is with his ability to maintain his speed better than most runners (his longer legs, and hence fewer strides needed, also helps).

But in this race, nobody stayed with Bolt through the first 100 meters. This left Bolt all alone for the final 100 meters and with nobody to push him.

In the end, Bolt is still the Olympic champion and he even broke out LeBron James’ signature celebration, the clutch dance.

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