Usain Bolt Broke Up With His Girlfriend So He Could Focus On The Olympics

Usain Bolts has broken up with his Slovakian fashion-designer girlfriend in order to focus on winning the Olympics, according to multiple reports

“He will have plenty of time for relationships. At the moment he’s concentrating on his running career and doesn’t want anything to distract from that,” a source told The Sun.

Bolt and Lubica Slovak dated for six months.

Bolt has developed a reputation for being an easy-going prodigy. He famously hurt his chances of shattering the 100-meter world record by putting out his arms in celebration a few meters before the finish line during the 2008 Olympics. He’s also lost a bunch of races since 2008.

But if the reports are to be believed, he’s taking the 2012 Games much more seriously.

Here’s Bolt and Slovak on the cover of the Jamaica Observer earlier this month, which caused a racial storm in Jamaica:

usain bolt kissing girlfriend is Jamaica Observer

Photo: Jamaica Observer

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