maths Experts Determine Usain Bolt Can Run The 100 Meters In Under 9.4 Seconds

usain bolt

wikimedia commons

Usain Bolt believes he can break his own 100-meter world record by running it in 9.4 seconds.And although many outside observers doubt Bolt’s dream, a new study conducted by Dutch mathematicians determined Bolt can not only run 100 meters in 9.4 seconds but he can also set the record as low as 9.36 seconds, according to AFP.

The study used various mathematical and statistical models collated from the best times posted over 100m by the 1,034 best male athletes going back to 1991, [one of the study’s authors Sander] Smeets explained.

Bolt’s quest to defend his 100-meter Olympic title is already one of the most anticipated events of the 2012 games.

Breaking his old mark of 9.58 seconds by such a large margin would be unbelievable, though.

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