USA Beats Spain In A Thriller To Win Gold In Men's Basketball

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The US men’s basketball team held off Spain to win its second-straight Olympic gold medal, but it wasn’t easy.Spain kept he game close throughout. But in the final three minutes LeBron James took over — throwing down a huge dunk and burying a three to cap off his amazing 2011-2012 season. The final score was 107-100.

USA played awful defence to the bitter end, but they just had too many offensive weapons for Spain to handle. 

Kevin Durant had 30, and would have been the hero if it hadn’t been for LeBron’s clutch final minutes.

We were live-blogging the second half with pictures and screenshots, scroll to see those:

UPDATE (0:12 left, fourth quarter):

Well this is getting awkward. USA up 107-100 and James Harden is bricking free throws. Spain with the ball.

UPDATE (0:19 left, fourth quarter):

Coach K empties the bench in the final seconds. Spain still fighting at 105-98.

UPDATE (0:37 left, fourth quarter):

They trade hoops, 104-95. Spain hung around as long as they could, but in the end LeBron was too clutch and the US locked it down on defence.

UPDATE (1:25 left, fourth quarter):

Awful possession by the US gives it back to Spain. It’ll be a foul-a-thon from here on out.

UPDATE (1:52 left, fourth quarter):

Wow! LeBron buries a 3 with the shot-clock running down to put USA up 102-93. Then Pau Gasol committs an offensive foul. This could be it, and it’s fitting that LeBron — after the season he’s had — is the one who hit the big shots.

UPDATE (2:45 left, fourth quarter):

Huge sequence there. Marc Gasol gets the ball low in the post but Kevin Love plays good D and US secures the rebound. LeBron dunk on the other end, 99-91 USA.

UPDATE (3:30 left, fourth quarter):

97-91 as USA is all out of sorts on offence. They had trouble getting LeBron in for the injured Melo, and Spain now has some momentum. Down 6 with the ball.

UPDATE (4:20 left, fourth quarter):

97-89 USA after Kobe and JC Navarro trade hoops. Carmelo is hurt, here comes LeBron back in.

UPDATE (5:20 left, fourth quarter):

Melo bricks a jumper, Pau gets fouled, and it’s 95-87. Spain hasn’t stopped the US all game, but they need to step it up now.

UPDATE (6 minutes left, fourth quarter):

Danger time for Spain. Kobe gets fouled on the three-pointer by Rudy Fernandez, and the lead grows to 95-86. The well has run dry for Spain on offence, but they need some scores now.

UPDATE (6 minutes left, fourth quarter):

Durant buries a 3, and he has 30 points for the game. USA up 93-86 with six minutes to go.

UPDATE (7 minutes left, fourth quarter):

That’s LeBron fourth foul, and he goes to the bench. Could be trouble, especially on defence, for USA. Melo/Love playing down low comes in.

UPDATE (7 minutes left, fourth quarter):

Yeesh. USA has a chance to push the lead to 8, but Chris Paul fires a pass through LeBron’s hands as he cuts to the hoop. Pau gets fouled at the other end, and it looks like Spain has weathered the storm.

UPDATE (8 minutes left, fourth quarter):

Going to be interesting to see when Spain comes back with Marc Gasol. Pau has looked great in the 2nd half without him.USA pushes the lead to 6 with five-straight points from Chris Paul, 90-84 and this is a huge few minutes for Spain. Game could easily get away from them here.

UPDATE (10 minutes left, fourth quarter):

Here. We. Go. USA up 83-82 with 10 minutes left. Wow.

UPDATE (1 minute left, third quarter):

It’s 83-80 as Durant hits two-straight 3’s. Also, NBC just angered fans by going to a commercial during play. We missed a three, a steal, and a lay-up…

kevin durant happy usa basketball olympics

Photo: AP

UPDATE (3 minutes left, third quarter):

The second half, just like the first, has been a foul fest. USA up 75-72 has Kobe gets hacked on a layup. It looks like USA is going to let Kobe take the big shots down the stretch, for better or worse.

UPDATE (5 minutes left, third quarter):

Two-straight alley-oops puts the US up 70-68. But Gasol gets a three-point play on the other end, and Spain goes back up 71-70. What a game.

UPDATE (6 minutes left, third quarter):

Pau continues to do work down low, Spain has a three-point lead. Side note: Vin Diesel is in the building…

vin diesel at usa basketball game

Photo: NBC

UPDATE (7 minutes left, third quarter):

Spain has the lead. Marc Gasol is out of the game but his brother Pau has come to life. 65-64 Spain with 7 minutes to go in the quarter.UPDATE (11:11):

Spain’s Marc Gasol has four fouls already (you only get five). We don’t know why he was in the game either.

lebron james and marc gasol

Photo: AP

The other big highlight was the NBC announcer thinking Jesse Eisenberg was Mark Zuckerberg:

Photo: NBC


Spain is giving the USA all it can handle in the basketball gold medal game.

The game has been totally disjointed thanks to an endless succession of foul calls.

But Spain has shot the ball well, rebounded, and kept the American fast break at bay. They’re playing almost perfectly.

The US has gotten anything they want on offence, but they’ve been slow to rotate on defence, hence the 58 first-half points for Spain.

We’ll be here with live updates and screenshots during the second half.

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