Here Are The USA Olympic Basketball Players Wearing Their Preposterous Opening Ceremony Outfits

Big day for Team USA basketball on Instagram.

First, we got this solid-gold photo of the team napping on a plane to London.

Then this afternoon, tweeting maniac Kevin Love gave us some great photos of the guys getting fitted for their Opening Ceremony outfits (costumes?). It was quite the fashion show, from the looks of it.

These outfits are still less ridiculous than what they normally wear, though.

Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony:

kevin durant and carmelo anthony in outfits

Photo: @kevinlove7

Kevin Durant with the most fitting facial expression ever:

kevin durant happy face in olympic opening ceremony oufit

Photo: @kevinlove7

Anthony Davis, the rookie:

anthony davis team usa

Photo: @kevinlove7

The photographer himself:

kevin love looking crazy in team usa outfit

Photo: @kevinlove7

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