Ecuador Invaded New Jersey Last Night And Handed The U.S. Soccer Team Another Loss

fan before usa ecuador soccer match in new jersey

Photo: Tony Manfred

The next World Cup is three years away, but the international soccer schedule is still filled with big time qualifiers and friendlies.These games aren’t important enough to garner mainstream attention.

So do they bring out the same pageantry and passion we see every four years at the World Cup?

The United States played Ecuador in a friendly last night outside Newark, New Jersey.

We went to the game to see how deep the passion ran.

What we found was a ton of American and Ecuadorian diehards who treated the game like any big international match.

Here are we are Harrison, New Jersey — where burnt-out warehouses double as MLS advertisements

Right away we notice a TON of Ecuador fans. They go all out, even though this is just a friendly

This little guy's head barely peeks out over his many Ecuador scarfs

On the walk to the stadium, we go past all sorts of vendors. Nothing like a churro out of a plastic box

Ecuador fan? Or crazy person?

We'll assume he's an Ecuador fans, given the vast majority of people here seem to be

Another Ecuador supporter hanging out with his buddies and holding a vulture-themed Barcelona flag

There's some pageantry out of the USA fans too

Some rich bankers who want to avoid #OccupyWallStreet traveled down in a limo to tailgate ... at least we think that's who they are

On our way into the stadium, we stumble upon some USA diehards

They call themselves the American Outlaws, and they parade in singing the national anthem

We let them pass, then head into Red Bull Arena ourselves

Here we go! It's almost time for the opening kick, and the crowd still a little sparse

USA coach Jurgen Klinsmann pops up before gametime. We like the sneakers, coach

Oh hey, it's one of Sports Page's favourite women's soccer players Alex Morgan. There's no Hope Solo to speak of though

Now we got some crowd support. Here's the guys from outside waving a huge American flag during the anthem

Ecuador definitely has more support though. Check out all the yellow

Nice iPhone, Ecuador guy, too bad iOS 5 wasn't out yet so you couldn't share the pics with your iPad and MacBook yet

The game is a bit of a snoozer. But when Ecuador ends up scoring in the 80th minute, the crowd goes nuts

Game over, 1-0 Ecuador. Time for the players to pop off the shirts and wave to the crowd

Jurgen interviews with an ESPN reporter who looks suspiciously like Alex Morgan

Post-game press conference time. There's a mass of Ecuadorian media huddled around a speaker

Jurgen liked what he saw from a few players, but was disappointed with the result. He's now won just one game since becoming coach this summer

And with one poignant photo of the moon rising over Red Bull Arena, it's time to head home

Now see what it's like to follow soccer in NYC

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