Trump said he's trying to find a country 'where we actually have a surplus of trade' -- here are the top 15

On Thursday, President Donald Trump is holding a “listening session” with twenty-four manufacturing CEOs.

The president spoke about the “unbelievably bad” trade deals the US has with other nations and added that “everything’s a deficit.”

“The deals we have with other countries are unbelievably bad. We don’t have any good deals. In fact, I’m trying to find a country where we actually have a surplus of trade as opposed to… Everything’s a deficit,” he said.

“With China we have a close to a $US500 billion trade deficit, so we have to do something. I spoke to the president, I spoke to many people — we’re going to work on that very, very hard. And we’re going to do things that are the proper things to do,” he continued. “But I actually said to my people, ‘Find a country where we actually do well. So far we haven’t found that country. It’s just losses with everybody. And we’re going to turn that around.”

Notably, the US actually has trade surpluses with some nations.

data from the US Census, Business Insider put together a chart of the US’ top 15 trade surpluses year-to-date for December 2016 in billions of dollars. The data are for goods only (meaning, not services.)

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