The Chart Shows How Desperate The U.S. Tech Industry Is To Find Programmers

You hear a lot these days about the value of a college education and if it’s even worth it.

Clearly, if students get a degree in certain fields where there are jobs, a degree is worth it. The tech industry is absolutely dying for more trained workers, particularly developers.

The chart below explains why tech companies want to import more workers from other countries in to fill their open jobs. They say that there’s more than two developer jobs forĀ  every student graduating with a computer science degree.

Importing workers makes a lot of sense, but so does encouragingĀ  more students to learn about computer science earlier in their academic careers, as early as grade school. This could help more of them discover that they would like to enter the tech field for their careers.

Here’s the rest of the presentation from Mary Meeker on the state of U.S. immigration.

Meeker Preso088

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