MAPS: The States That Charge The Highest Taxes On Beer, Wine, And Alcohol

Last week, the Tax Foundation released its latest map of state tax rates on wine.

They’ve previously released similar maps that look at state taxes on beer and spirits as well. Keep reading to see how much more you pay in your state for alcohol than in the rest of the country.

Beer taxes vary widely across America, ranging from $US0.02 per gallon in Wyoming to $US1.17 per gallon in Tennessee. (Read more about state beer taxes here.)

Wine taxes by state are much higher than beer taxes, because as alcohol content increases, taxation also tends to increase (though there are exceptions). Wine taxes are highest in Kentucky at $US3.56 per gallon followed by Alaska ($2.50), Florida ($2.25), and Iowa ($1.75). (Read more about state wine taxes here.)

When comparing per gallon taxes on alcohol, spirits are taxed at far higher rates than wine and beer. Spirits are taxed the highest in Washington at $US35.22 per gallon, followed by Oregon ($22.73), Virginia ($19.19), Alabama ($18.23), and Alaska ($12.80). (Read more about state spirit taxes here.)

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