The Nation's Top Spy Agency Has Been Brought In To Investigate The NASDAQ Cyber-Attack

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Remember the cyber attack on Nasdaq that happened last October?Now, the country’s top electronic intelligence — aka spying — agency, the National Security Agency (NSA, is getting involved the investigation, because it turns out that attack “was more severe than first disclosed,” Bloomberg reports.

A former counter-intelligence agent said that, “By bringing in the NSA, that means they think they’re either dealing with a state-sponsored attack or it’s an extraordinarily capable criminal organisation.”

Foreign intelligence agencies are also reportedly helping out the in the probe. Initially investigators thought the hacking intrusion originated in Russia, but that report was wrong.

From Bloomberg :

Nasdaq reported in February that the breach of its computers was limited to a single system known as Directors Desk, a product used by board members of companies to exchange confidential information.

The NSA could help identify and analyse electronic clues left behind by the hackers, including communication between the malicious software used in the attack and the outside computers that controlled it… One line of inquiry pursued by investigators is whether the attack is linked to state-based cyber espionage or sabotage, which would raise national security concerns, one of the people familiar with the probe said.

The NSA is basically America’s most sophisticated eavesdropper, and “has been described as the world’s largest single employer of mathematicians, and the owner of the single largest group of supercomputers, but it has tried to keep a low profile. For many years, its existence was not acknowledged by the U.S. government.

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