A US Sprinter Is Taking The Rugby World By Storm

Carlin Isles, a sprinter who failed to qualify for the U.S. Olympic team in London and a former running back at small Ashland College in Ohio, has now turned his attention to rugby. And with the sport returning to the Olympics in 2016, the rugby world has noticed how quickly Isles is dominating the sport

Isles ranks 34th among U.S. men in the 100 meters this year, but a few months ago he joined the U.S. Rugby Sevens team. Unlike the more common Rugby Union, which features 15 players on each side and much longer matches, Rugby Sevens has just seven players on each side and halves that last 7-10 minutes. So the game is more wide open, played at a much quicker pace, and is ideally suited for a player like Isles.

Here’s a video showing just how dominating Isles already is at Rugby Sevens despite his inexperience, and why other nations may be worried that the U.S. team is no longer a push-over…