US Soldier's Helmet Cam Shows Him Drawing Taliban Fire To Protect His Unit

The U.S. Army Soldier in this video believed his unit was trapped by enemy fire, so the only solution was to draw the fire away from them. The kicker is that he had to become the target.

When buddies—brothers—fellow soldiers in your unit are in danger, no action is too much, nothing goes without consideration, and in a flash you move.

The description of the video, allegedly from the soldier himself, says he “got hit four times” as he made his way down the mountain.


Clearly seen are the rounds rebounding off the turf around him as he makes his way down the mountain. The signature “pops” of rounds passing around him are just as clear. And even more telling is the increased accuracy as he closes distance with the enemy.

If drawing their fire was his goal, then he got what he bargained for: The end of the video is him trying to catch the attention of his squad, presumably freed up and moving.

He says he was hit four times, each time is easily identifiable, but it looks like just about every one was a ricochet (not that they’re any less deadly, but usually there’s not as much oomph on the round).

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