American Goalie Tries To Pull Foot Out Of His Mouth After Xenophobic Rant

tim howard

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

U.S. national team goalie Tim Howard went on a profanity-laced tirade against CONCACAF after losing the Gold Cup final to Mexico last Saturday night.The keeper said it was a “f—ing disgrace” that the majority of the post-game ceremony was conducted in Spanish.

But before you decry Howard’s twisted “this is America so speak English” logic, consider how he clarified the comments in the Liverpool Echo today (via ESPN):

“In any important international match with post-game ceremonies you would hope the tournament organisers would make sure the primary language of each participating team is used so the participants can understand what is being said.
“To fail to do this is, in my opinion, disrespectful to the players. When this occurs on your home soil, it is particularly insulting.
“We, as American players, were asked to participate in a post-game ceremony at a match in Los Angeles and we are standing there trying to show good sportsmanship and yet the ceremony is going on and we are just looking at one another struggling to understand a word.
“It was, to be honest, humiliating, and I firmly believe the tournament organisers should not have put us in that position.”

So he was so angry because he felt left out?

Dude, they were just saying that Mexico won and you lost, what’s not to get?

Howard’s clarification is disingenuous. The nature of the original statement was xenophobic and naive. He could have owned up to that and apologized for getting caught up in the moment. But instead he played dumb and acted like he was just ticked off at not understanding what was being said at the ceremony.

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