Another insider attack in Afghanistan claims the life of a US service member

Soldiers from Company A, 101st Division Special Troop Battalion, air assault into a village inside Jowlzak Valley, Parwan province, Afghanistan. Afghan National Police searched the village while Soldiers provided security and conducted key-leader engagements. U.S. Army / Spc. Scott Davis

  • One US service member was killed and another was wounded in an insider attack in Afghanistan Saturday.
  • The US service member killed in the attack is the eighth to be killed in action and the third to die as a result of an insider attack this year.

A US service member was killed in action in Afghanistan Saturday in an insider attack, according to a NATO statement.

“Initial reports indicate the attacker was a member of the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces,” Resolute Support revealed in an official press release.”Initial reports also indicate the attacker was immediately killed by other Afghan Forces.”

The incident is under investigation.

Another US service member was wounded in the attack. The injured individual was medically evacuated to Bagram Airfield, where they are in stable condition and receiving medical treatment.

Insider attacks have claimed the lives of more than 150 US troops in Afghanistan.

This year, at least three US military personnel have been killed in “green-on-blue” attacks. In early July, Cpl. Joseph Maciel, a 20-year-old Army infantryman assigned to 1st Battalion, 28th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division, was killed.

Another such attack in early September claimed the life of Command Sgt. Maj. Timothy Bolyard, a 42-year-old soldier deployed with 3rd Squadron, 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade.

In another insider attack last month, an assassination that killed the head of the police in Kandahar province and the local intelligence chief, a US general was shot. The top US commander in Afghanistan, Gen. Austin “Scott” Miller narrowly escaped with his life.

Saturday’s tragic death marks the eighth American KIA this year.