Earthscape Postage Stamps Are A Must-Have If You Still Send Letters

Earthscape Stamps

Photo: USPS

The U.S Postal Service just released some new forever stamps that feature very nice birds-eye views of Earth. The new collection is called Earthscapes (Forever).

There are fifteen different landscapes that come in three flavours: natural, agricultural and urban.  

Some of the photos are satellite pictures that have been cropped and sized-down; others come from photographers who took their pictures from a plane.  

If you’re still into mailing letters, these are must-have item to impress your friends.

Ice breaks off from an Alaskan glacier.

In this false-colour image of Kansas farmland, red circles represent healthy crops.

Fog rises above a butte in southeastern Utah.

A cherry orchard in Park Rapids, Michigan.

Salt is harvested from seawater in evaporation ponds near San Francisco, California. Algae changes the colour of the water.

A suburban landscape in Nevada.

Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge on Maryland's Eastern Shore. The 25,000-acre park is a safe-haven for fox squirrels and bald eagles.

Towboats in Houston, Texas.

Early 20th-century steam locomotives are worked at the Steamtown National Historic Site in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

A cranberry bog in Massachusetts.

A view of Interstates 95 and 395 crossing in Miami, Florida.

A satellite view of Mount St. Helens in Washington state, the shades of white and grey are still-bare slopes after the 1980 eruption.

An apartment complex in Manhattan, New York.

The centre of Grand Prismatic Spring in Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park where water temperatures can hit 190 degrees Fahrenheit.

Log rafts made of harvested timber float toward a mill processor in Idaho.

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