156 Of The World's Best Golfers Will Barely Survive These 18 Holes Today

Congressional Country Club 18th Hole

Photo: AP

The blue course at the Congressional Country Club is now hosting it’s third U.S. Open in course history. Tons of hills, bunkers, water hazards, and distracting views make this club one of the most difficult to play on in the country.Only a select few people will ever get to play at the CCC in their lifetime, but luckily, we have put together a slideshow of all 18 holes on the course so everyone can get a better idea of what exactly the world’s best golfers are dealing with.

The first hole is easiest hole on the course but any shot that slices right just may find some bunkers. (402 yards, Par 4)

The second hole is a long par 3 with a slope-ridden green that is surrounded by bunkers (233 yards, Par 3)

The third hole has a lot of bunkers on the left side, so players will want to stay right (465 yards, Par 4)

The fourth hole is home to one of the most intimidating greens in the country due to it's massive back-to-front slope that leads into a bunker (470 yards, Par 4)

The fifth hole is fairly simple, but it has a narrow fairway (413 yards, Par 4)

A large and well-placed water hazard makes the sixth hole a real challenge (554 yards, Par 5)

The seventh hole is a skinny, mean par 3 with a green inundated with bunkers (172 yards, Par 3)

Pros that keep their drivers in the bag will do well with the eighth hole's lofted fairway (354 Yards, Par 4)

The ninth hole is the second longest on the course and contains a cavernous ravine (577 Yards, Par 5)

A big water hazard in front of the green on the 10th makes precision very important (218 yards, Par 3)

The eleventh hole has more water hazards than any other hole on the course (494 Yards, Par 4)

The twelfth hole contains quite a few bunkers, but that's the only difficult part about it (471 Yards, Par 4)

Don't shoot long on the thirteenth hole or else the day could be over (192 Yards, Par 3)

The fourteenth hole's fairway is practically non-existent (467 Yards, Par 4)

The fifteenth hole is a slight dogleg left with strategically placed bunkers (490 Yards, Par 4)

The sixteenth hole is the longest on the course, and is really the one where an eagle is even possible (579 Yards, Par 5)

The seventeenth hole's green may actually be worse than the green on the fourth hole (437 Yards, Par 4)

The eighteenth is one of the most beautiful holes in the country, but the right-to-left downhill slope is not easy to account for (523 Yards, Par 4)

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