The US snowboarding team's jackets are lined with English-to-South Korean translations and how to convert Celsius to Farenheit

  • The U.S. snowboarding team have jackets lined with a sheet that has South Korean and English translations.
  • Though they don’t include phonetic pronunciations, the sheet has important questions like “Which way to the Olympic Village” to “Do you want to go sign karaoke?”
  • The sheet also has conversions from Celsius to Farenheit, and the difference between Korean Time to EST and PST.

If the U.S. Winter Olympics snowboarding team find themselves lost, or simply trying to figure out the temperature, their jackets are a pretty handy resource.

As NBC Olympics posted on Instagram, the team jackets have a list of English-to-South Korea translations, including phrases like, “Which way to the Olympic Village?” to “Where can I get a cab?” to “Do you want to go sing karaoke?” and many others.

The jackets also have a map of the snowboarding park, Celsius-to-Farenheit conversions, and the time difference between South Korea and Eastern Standard Time and Pacific Standard Time in the U.S.

As some have noted, the language translations may not be helpful without the phonetic pronunciations, but the phrases are at least a start.

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