Simone Biles proves she has better abs than you with a picture at a Rio beach

Rationally, it shouldn’t be surprising that some of the best athletes in the world are in incredible shape, but Simone Biles proved it with a picture of herself along with Team USA gymnasts Aly Raisman and Madison Kocian over the weekend. 

The US gymnastics team visited a Rio beach after dominating the competition at the Olympics and decided to Instagram their fun. The 19-year-old Biles captioned the photo “beach day,” but other Twitter users were more focused on the trio’s abs. 

“Holy six packs,” one fan tweeted, while another asked “can you say ab goals?” along with a string of shocked and praising emoji. At the time of this post, almost 36,000 people have liked the photo on Twitter and over 522,000 on Instagram.

Again, it would be really easy to say, “well, of course elite athletes have athletic bodies,” but seeing them here is enough to set aside the snark for a second and just marvel at the prowess and accomplishments of the women on America’s gymnastic team. 

Abs aside, it certainly looks like these Olympic powerhouses had a well-deserved blast in Rio, from snapchatting by the pool to doing gymnastics on the beach. 

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