U.S. News Will Have Less News, More Lists. Good Call.


Also-ran newsweekly U.S. News & World Report is going to move away from news coverage and concentrate on generating lots of “Best Of” lists like its “Best Colleges” franchise, the NY Post’s Keith Kelly reports. US News owner Mort Zuckerman also owns the NY Daily News, the Post’s bitter rival, and Kelly takes delight in describing the move as a concession by a failing magazine: “rigour Mort-Is At Mag”. Get it?

But while list-making may be a downer for the magazine’s edit staff, it’s a business no-brainer. Every weekly magazine is struggling to stay relevant in the Web age, and lists accomplish two goals: They help fill out an editorial calendar that sales staff can use to entice print advertisers, and they do great online, where they generate drive-by traffic and also have evergreen value. There are no shortages of places to find news and analysis on the Web, but there’s only one place to find the list of best colleges. NY Post.