The 20 best universities in America, according to US News & World Report's newest ranking

Princeton University is the top university in America, according to the newest version of US News & World Report’s annual ranking.

The 2016 list marks the third consecutive year that Princeton has been ranked number one in the US.

Williams College was named the best liberal arts college in the country, for the 13th consecutive year.

In creating the best national universities list, US News includes input from both academic peers and high school guidance counselors, according to its website. The ranking also uses data such as alumni giving, graduation and retention rates, and selectivity.

Because of US News’ grading system, many of the colleges end up in ties and have the same number ranking as other schools.

#18 -- University of Notre Dame

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#18 -- Rice University

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#15 -- Cornell University

#14 -- Brown University

#10 -- Johns Hopkins University

#4 -- University of Chicago

#4 -- Columbia University

Peter Jacobs/Business Insider

#3 -- Yale University

AP File Photo/Bob Child

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