6 of the biggest fan theories around 'Us' and what people think they mean

Universal PicturesFans have a lot of thoughts about ‘Us.’
  • After seeing “Us,” viewers have some major theories about the plot.
  • Some surround character deaths, others about the film’s ties to “Get Out.”
  • The following post contains major spoilers for the film “Us.”

Jordan Peele’s latest horror movie “Us” is a fan-favourite follow up to “Get Out” and is killing it at the box office. Fans are invested in solving the mysteries of the movie and plenty of fan theories have been circulating. Some are more believable than others, but these are the most groundbreaking “Us” fan theories the Internet has to offer.

Be warned, major spoilers ahead.

The Jason/Pluto theory is one of the most popular

The big twist at the end of “Us” shows that Adelaide’s Tethered self, Red, swapped places with her when they first met at the boardwalk in 1986. The Jason/Pluto theory suggests that a similar swap took place a year before the events of “Us.” A Reddit user suggested that the summer before the events of the movie, Jason started a fire by accident and burned his face and throat, rendering him unable to speak. The user, “u/PLUTOwuzSWAPPED,” believes Pluto then took him underground and posed as him just like Red did with Adelaide in her childhood.

This is backed up by the knowing look Jason and Adelaide give each other in the final scene of the family in the ambulance. However, it’s never explained how Pluto could have possibly fooled the family, given his inability to speak. Nevertheless, it’s a neat theory that explains a lot of the imagery around Jason, his mask, and his trick lighter.

Claudette Barius/Universal PicturesSome fans think ‘Get Out’ and ‘Us’ are related.

Others think “Us” and “Get Out” take place in the same universe

While there are many thematic and political connections between “Us” and “Get Out,” there is not much concrete evidence that they take place in the same universe.

However, when the trailers were debuting in December, some Twitter users came up with a fun theory. What if the white family from “Get Out” are in their new black bodies and are in actuality the family in “Us”?

This holds less water after watching the movie and discovering “Us” has its own sci-fi twists but is still fun to think about.

Us lupita nyongo movieUniversal PicturesRed and Adelaide may be more closely linked than we think.

Some think Adelaide and Red aren’t just Tethered but share a soul

This Reddit thread suggests a more explicit connection between Adelaide and Red and explains why they are the catalyst of the uprising.

At the end of the movie, Red explains that the Tethered are the result of a government experiment intended to control people, however, it failed because they could not replicate human souls. The Reddit user suggests that the experiment did work on Adelaide and Red and that they share a soul, or they each have half a soul.

This explains how Red has autonomy from the beginning, giving her the ability to capture Adelaide at the boardwalk funhouse in 1986. They also both feel emotion and these emotions motivate their actions. This theory is further emphasised by the dancing scenes which demonstrate how they’re connected.

The user also suggests that the Tethered are trying to kill their counterparts in order to gain a soul, but Red does not try to kill Adelaide (until she is threatened) because she already has one.

Viewers think each rabbit is tied to a person

In the logic of “Us,” the rabbits are the way the Tethered are kept alive and fed by, presumably, the government. However, they play a larger thematic purpose and one Reddit user took these ideas a step further.

The thread suggests that each rabbit is tied to a Tethered, just like the Tethered are tied to a person. When Red/Adelaide is brought to the underground when she is a child, she eventually sets free the rabbits, according to the theory, as we see them in cages in the beginning, but in present day they are set free. The user implies this is not simply a metaphorical connection, but a literal one. When she sets the rabbits free, that is when the Tethered begin to be able to move freely.

Some fans think 11:11 explains a lot about the movie

The number 11:11 is used as a visual cue early on in the movie to gesture at the themes of duality and doppelgangers. You can see it in the way Black Flag shirts (with a visual of 1111 on them) appear in several scenes. In more than one instance, this directly refers to the bible verse Jeremiah 11:11.

It states: “Therefore thus saith the Lord, Behold, I will bring evil upon them, which they shall not be able to escape; and though they shall cry unto me, I will not hearken unto them.”

Us movie doppelgangersUniversal Pictures11:11 is seen often.

A Reddit user breaks this down to mean that the humans view the apocalyptic evil the lord is bringing down to mean the Tethered. However, given the film’s commentary on class and sympathetic portrayal of the Other, the Tethered are the ones unable to escape from the evil. The evil being thrust upon them is the suffering they endure purely through their subhuman existence. This is why Red refers to God multiple times, and in the living room scene, she refers to God’s test.

This can also be extended to imply that the Tethered are trying to provoke the humans to kill them, to end their suffering.

Others saw meaning in Earth, wind, fire, and water

This theory is yet to be fully tied into the larger themes of “Us,” but one Reddit user,u/fujidisco, made an interesting point about the deaths of the family’s doppelgangers.

The user points out that each family member died by a different element. Gabe kills his Tethered in the water, Zora’s is impaled on a tree and by extension the earth, Pluto is killed by fire, and Adelaide chokes Red out taking the wind out of her lungs.

Of course, Gabe is technically killed by the boat propeller, but knowing Jordan Peele’s meticulous approach to filmmaking, it’s easy to wonder whether or not this was a coincidence.

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