The U.S. Military Is Offering $2 Million To Anyone Who Can Build A Robot Soldier


The U.S. military has $34 million in prize money and it wants to see a robot fight. 

The defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has issued an all-call to anyone who can build a human-like robot capable of doing the kinds of things soldiers would do in dangerous conditions.

It’s called the DARPA Robotics Challenge and the winner will get a $2 million cash prize. DARPA also plans to award multiple $1 million prizes to other teams that do well.

To get the money, contestants will basically have to build the kind of thing only seen in sci-fi movies.

DARPA is looking for a robot that can do difficult tasks in combat conditions like use human hand tools, drive a car, climb a ladder, walk over rubble, locate and close a valve near a leaking pipe.

The robot can be remotely operated but should also be able to do all of these things on its own. And operating it can’t be harder than playing a video game. Anyone with no training should be able to do it. Robots also need to function when the WiFi goes down.

In other words, DARPA is looking for the Terminator. Here’s the picture DARPA created to illustrate how it thinks these robots would look in action.

DARPA robotsDARPA wants robots that can fix broken pipes

Photo: DARPA

If you think you have the stuff to build such a machine, you’ve got until May 31 to throw your name in the hat for the challenge.

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