Follow Two Men As They Defend The US-Mexican Border From Smugglers

borderland san diego fence immigration ron gun

Photo: Vimeo/Drea Cooper & Zackary Canepari

Filmmakers Drea Cooper and Zackary Canepari offer this chilling description of the fence between California and Mexico:

It is big, intense and intimidating. And it is unfinished. Gaping holes are everywhere. Physically it’s confusing. Politically it’s puzzling. Ideologically it’s complicated.

In the documentary Borderland, Cooper and Canepari follow two men, Dick and Ron, as they patrol the border near San Diego, keeping an eye out for drug smugglers and getting shot at by “coyotes,” the name for people who transport illegal immigrants across the U.S. border.

The fence separating California and Mexico runs from Colorado River to the Pacific Ocean.

The fence is unfinished, with holes and gaps at various intervals.

Ron moved into San Diego county in 1998.

Ron says that some of the immigrants are tortured and dehydrated. Many do not survive.

After the coyotes cross the border, they wait for their San Diego contacts to pick them up.

The coyotes have changed in the last 10 years, says Ron.

Robert Rosas, a border agent, was a victim of border violence.

Dick says patrol members are often staked out in the bushes.

Often long into the night, patrolling where exactly the crossing points are.

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