US Marines And Syrian Rebels Have More In Common Than You Think [PHOTOS]

Reuters Syria Rebels

Warfighters of every thread, colour, creed and flag have a few commonalities.

Combat is combat, after all, and in quiet moments troops joke around and take care of themselves and their equipment.

In the following you’ll see sometimes an almost mirror image between two worlds that seem so far apart in the minds of many folks: the U.S. Marines and (often Jihadist) rebels in Syria.

Marines play darts in downtime ...

So do Syrian rebels, who also have a tendency to ...

Put clothes on stray animals.

Not unlike this Marine here who put shorts on a puppy.

Syrian rebels chill out with rockets.

Marines use rockets to provide shade.

Marines give each other haircuts.

Syrian rebels give each other haircuts.

Hey, sometimes people need appliances in combat.

Like this well-placed coffee maker.

And no one can put a price tag on an acoustic guitar.

As Marines demonstrated to me last year in Afghanistan.

Hey, looking good is essential when facing life and death.

Just ask this Marine.

Syrian rebels here keep themselves occupied dressing a dummy.

While this Marine ... carries one.

Marines smoke ...

Syrian rebels smoke.

After it all ...

Both will grab a few winks hear and there.

Now on the more somber side ...

The Marines carry their dead ...

Just as the rebels do ...

And when all the downtime fun is over ...

There's combat waiting ....

Because the enemy never quits.

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