A Marine explains the 4 steps to earning people's trust

Spark: How to Lead Yourself and Others to Greater Success” author and Marine Angie Morgan shares 4 steps for establishing credibility. Following is a transcript of the video.

What makes somebody credible is your ability to trust them. And so, through “Spark” we written about four keys to credibility. And we start off by sharing with our readers is that credibility is really in the eyes of the beholder. You determine whether or not I’m credible to you.

And so how you influence credibility is first and foremost, understand what’s expected of you within this relationship. And sometimes expectations aren’t always bright-lined in a job description. You really have to build that relationship so you can understand what people want from you.

And then you can influence your credibility by two: really watching the commitments you make, and how well you follow through. We have this concept in “Spark” that we introduce, it’s called the say-do gap. What’s the space between your actions and your words? And if you’re looking to influence somebody you have to make sure that space is as small as possible. Making sure that you’re the person who can follow through on your commitments.

And when you’re working in an organisation to, and this is our third key to building credibility, you have to make sure that you see your success with and through other people. So to help determine the credibility of the team you’re a part of, you have to clearly communicate intentions to others so they understand what’s expected of them. This really builds credibility and trust within teams.

This fourth piece is absolutely key: you have to make sure that you hold people accountable to their commitments and the commitments within the team. And that we’re like accountability in team environments can be so, I don’t know, makes people sometime uncomfortable thinking, “Gosh, I got to bring up a problem when I see it demonstrated differently from my co-worker. I got to really address this situation if they’re not rising to that expectation.”

We have to make sure standards matter. All those four aspects of being a credible leader matter when you’re working with a team.

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