The US has terrible download speeds on LTE networks compared to the rest of the world

OpenSignal, a firm that tests mobile networks, has released its ‘State of LTE’ report, ranking 66 countries by LTE speed and coverage. The data was collected from the 15 million users using the OpenSignal app worldwide.

Unfortunately for those in the US, which ranked 55th, it only highlights how terrible our cell service is compared to everyone else.

The data has been broken down into a number of charts, including an entire separate section for U.S. progress, and shows the current numbers stacked up against data from Q3 of 2015. The overall trend is an increase in the availability of LTE in many countries, but some have fallen slightly behind; in both cases it’s mostly by a matter of 3-5%.

Download speeds were even more static, with only a few countries receiving a modest bump — many stayed the same. In the last quarter, three more countries have gotten LTE access, bringing the total up to 110, with 10 more scheduled to gain access in the future.

In the U.S., T-Mobile has made large strides in the last quarter, it’s at coverage parody with AT&T and has just barely edged out Verizon for the fastest network. Although it was one of the first countries to adopt LTE, The U.S. is currently 55th overall in terms of speed, at 9.9mbps it’s well under the global average of 13.5. This shouldn’t be a surprise given the size of the country. Its speeds and availability are neck-and-neck with Russia, which is a more fair comparison than pitting it against the leaders in both categories, South Korea and Singapore.

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