Watch a US-led coalition airstrike obliterate a factory producing ISIS' most dangerous weapon

In the days leading up to the start of the Iraqi-led operation to retake Mosul, ISIS’ last stronghold in the country, a US-led coalition of more than 60 countries has continued to strike weapons, buildings, and fighters belonging to the terrorist group.

In an October 6 strike, a vehicle-borne improvised-explosive-device (VBIED) factory near Mosul was destroyed as part of the coalition’s efforts to degrade ISIS’ weapons-production abilities in support of the Iraq operation against the city. You can see a clip of the strike below.

The October 6 strike came just two days before another US-led airstrike on a VBIED factory near Mosul. 

October 8 saw seven airstrikes mounted by the coalition, which followed up with four strikes in and around Mosul on October 9, four strikes on October 10, four strikes on October 11, one strike on Octobe 12, five strikes on October 13, and another strike on October 15. The British air forces has also participated, striking an ISIS truck bomb on October 17.

The effort to recapture the city, led by the Iraqi army, Peshmerga forces, and Shiite militias, kicked off on October 16. 

Despite reports that many of ISIS’ fighters in Mosul had withdraw, the fight to retake the city has dragged on over the last week. Some 5,000 US troops are on the ground to aid Iraqi personnel in the fight, and one US soldier died on Thursday from wounds sustained from a improvised-explosive-device blast.

About a million of Mosul’s pre-ISIS population of 2 million remains in the city, and the fighting is expected to create a new humanitarian emergency in the region.

You can see the full video of the October 6 strike on Operation Inherent Resolve’s Facebook page.

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