US Refueling Plane Crashes Near Hotly-Contested Kyrgyzstan Air Base

KC 135 Startotanker

The Krygystan emergencies ministry says a U.S. Boeing K-135 Stratotanker, used to refuel military aircraft, has crashed near an American air base in the country.

The Associated Press reports the plane went down Friday afternoon about 100 miles west of the re-named Manas Air Base, now called The Transit centre at Manas.

The base name was changed after a series of controversies and local, as well as regional pressures to close it down, became resolved in 2010.

Regional official, Kuralbek Khamaliyev, told the AP the tanker broke into three pieces after crashing in a deserted portion of land near the village of Chaldovar.

We’ll follow this breaking news with any updates and background on this hotly contested U.S. air base.

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