The weekend is over and stocks are falling again

The weekend is over and global stocks are resuming their slide.

Shortly after futures opened on Sunday night, Dow futures were down as much as 102 points, S&P 500 futures were off as many as 11 points, and Nasdaq futures were down around 30.

These moves, however, are muted compared to the turmoil seen in markets last week, when the Dow lost more than 1,000 points and officially entered a “correction” after falling more than 10% from its most recent high.

Overall, the stock market had its worst week in 4 years and people are pointing the finger all over the place.

In his big preview of this week’s market events, Business Insider’s Sam Ro summed up the questions surrounding the most recent market action, writing:

What’s causing the sell-off? Maybe it’s worries about China slowing. Maybe it’s the prospect of higher interest rates fuelled by tighter monetary policy from the Fed. Maybe it’s renewed turmoil in Greece and how it threatens Europe’s lacklustre economy. Maybe it’s the ominous global economic warning signals from tumbling commodity prices. Maybe valuations were a little stretched and it had just been too long since we had seen a sell-off. Maybe it’s everything. Maybe it’s nothing.

Via, here’s a look at the quick drop in Dow and S&P 500 futures early Sunday night.

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