Egyptians Scale Wall Of US Embassy In Cairo And Burn American Flags

Cairo Embassy Egypt

Photo: AP

Eye witnesses say Egyptian protesters have scaled the wall of the US embassy in Cairo and burned the American flag, Reuters reports.Around 2,000 protesters had gathered to protest against a film apparently made in America that desecrated the name of the Muslim Prophet Mohammad. Witnesses say a US flag was pulled down, torn into pieces, and then set alight. CNN reports that warning shots were fired to disperse the crowd.

Reuters notes that its not immediately clear what film the protest was focused on, but noted that Christian Pastor Terry Jones is due to stage something called  “International Judge Mohammad Day” in Florida today, according to the website — Max Fisher has more details on that film over at the Atlantic.

UPDATE: A US consulate in Libya has also been attacked, reportedly due to the same film.

The protest brought hundreds of people.

Those who stormed the U.S. embassy went into the courtyard, pulled down the flag, and destroyed it

The destroyed U.S. flag was eventually replaced with a black flag with Islamic inscription

Protestors wearing Guy Fawkes masks pose for a picture in front of graffiti.

The walls were littered with graffiti.

Many had their own black flags.

Orange smoke runs through the crowd.

A lone protestor stands up amidst the smoke.

Protestors burned objects as well.

The news broadcast below shows the attack on the embassy, including the scaling of the wall and the destruction of the US flag. Footage of the incident begins around 40 seconds in.

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