12 incredible US destinations that haven't been discovered by tourists

Besides its more well-known locations, the United States is home to stunning sites that offer an escape from the masses.

A recent Quora thread discussed unique places in the United States that aren’t frequently visited by tourists.

From the picturesque False Kiva in Utah’s Canyonlands National Park, whose exact destination remains a secret, to the crystal-blue Havasupai Falls in Grand Canyon National Park, here are 12 US destinations that you can explore without a massive crowd.

The Havasupai Falls, located in the Havasupai Reservation of Coconino County at the southwest corner of the Grand Canyon National Park, are known for their clear blue waterfalls adorned with travertine columns. Hidden amidst the popular Grand Canyon, the Havasupai Falls are not as nearly as crowded as the park considering the eight mile hiking trail you'll need to take to Supai Village.

Reflection Canyon is found on the side of Lake Powell, bordering Utah and Arizona, in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. The natural wonder is known for stunning colourful reflections in its waters, but is tough to access considering you typically have to go either by boat or through the strenuous 55 mile road called the Hole-in-the-Rock Road.

Monhegan, in Lincoln County, Maine, hosts a small island about 12 miles off of the mainland. Its miles of walking trails, stunning views, and wildlife have made it a National Landmark since 1966, but because there are no automobiles allowed in the area, it is only accessible by ferries.

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