Federal Court: Cheerleading Is Hard, But It's Not Really A Sport

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An appeals court has ruled the “time has not yet arrived” for cheerleading to become a sport.The Second Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that while “cheerleading can be physically challenging,” it still can’t be considered a competitive sport, The Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog reported Tuesday.

The ruling upholds a lower court’s decision in a 2009 lawsuit filed against Quinnipiac University.

The university’s women’s volleyball players and coach sued the school for failing to provide equal athletic opportunities for women when it dismantled the team and tried to make up for the loss by adding new spots to the competitive cheerleading program, the Connecticut Post reported in 2010.

The volleyball team claimed the school’s action violated Title IX, a law signed in 1972 that banned gender discrimination in any educational program.

A federal judge at the time ruled that the school had indeed violated Title IX because cheerleading isn’t a competitive sport.

And while the Court of Appeals backed up the ruling, it still gave some glimmer of hope to those who long for cheerleading to be considered a sport.

The court acknowledged that the sport can be physically challenging and stated that with “better organisation and defined rules” it might one day be considered a sport, according to The Law Blog.

But that time “has not yet arrived,” the court ruled.

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