US cops just killed their ‘1000th person’ this year

A man in Oakland, California, has become the 1000th person killed by US police officers in 2015.

The man was shot dead on Sunday evening. The Oakland police department said officers were towing away cars that had been used in “sideshow” stunts when the man walked toward them wielding what was later discovered to be a replica gun.

“Officers working sideshow approached by subject who pointed firearm in their direction,” the department said on Twitter. “Officers fatally shot subject.”

The man’s name was not released, but his death was added to a database being compiled by The Guardian, known as “The Counted” as the 1000th of 2015.

Image: The Guardian

Of those, 883 were shootings. Of the rest:

  • 47 were Tasered
  • 33 hit by an officer’s vehicle
  • 36 died in custody, and
  • 1 died in a fight with an officer

The Guardian launched The Counted on June 1, starting with 464 deaths in 2015 to that point. Another database, Killed by Police, is already at 1038.

There is no official database kept by the US government on people killed by law enforcement.

Of the 1000 killed this year, The Counted reveals that:

  • 3.1 people per day are killed by police in the US
  • 198 were unarmed
  • 502 were white (2.54 per million of white population), and
  • 250 were black (5.94 per million of black population)

A member of US president Barack Obama’s taskforce created after unrest which followed the death of unarmed black 18-year-old Michael Brown, noted the milestone with “sadness, but not deep shock”.