Most U.S. Tablet Owners Run The Same Platform On Their Smartphones

Mobile platform loyalty is the rule among U.S. tablet users, but not overwhelmingly so, according to the latest comScore data. Among iPad owners, 60 per cent also own an iPhone; meanwhile, 62 per cent of Android tablet owners also own an Android smartphone.

On the other hand, a significant minority of tablet users run a different OS on their smartphones (29 per cent of Android tablet users have iPhones, and 32 per cent of iPad owners have Android handsets). 

In all, the share of mobile platforms on tablet owners’ smartphones exactly mirrors overall U.S. smartphone platform market share. In other words, trends in tablet ownership don’t yet seem to be affecting the outcome in the smartphone platform wars. 

It’s not totally surprising that consumers favour using a single platform, for simplicity’s sake and because platform operators incentivise you to do so (for example, sharing cloud-stored data and content across devices is made easier).

Given Android’s sudden surge in tablet market share and the growth of the tablet market, this trend could spell trouble for Apple in the long term. If Android tablets take off, and spur platform loyalty, the 32 per cent of iPad users with Android smartphones could be converted into “pure” Android users. 

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Photo: BII

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