New Evidence Of Shocking Disparity Between States

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Photo: U.S. Census Bureau

The U.S. Census Bureau released its, 2011 American Community Survey Estimates, on Wednesday.We’ve gone through it and one thing jumped out to us: the disparity state by state.

Here’s what we found: 

Median household income was the most disparate comparison between states. It was highest in the Northeast, but Maryland led all states with an average median income of $70,004 in 2011.

In contrast, median household income in 2011 was lowest in the Southeast U.S.; Mississippi had the lowest average of all states at $36,919. Puerto Rico’s rate was by far the lowest of all at $18,660.

The report also highlighted the failed fight against poverty.

20-two States, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia all have 16 per cent or more of their respective populations living in poverty. And the recovery hasn’t been much better; D.C., Puerto Rico, and 32 states had no significant change in poverty rate from 2010-2011. In fact, in 17 states the poverty rate increased from 2010-2011. Vermont was the only state in which the poverty rate decreased in from 2010-2011

The Washington, D.C. metro area had a poverty rate of 8.3 per cent — the lowest of all analysed in the report. The Lakeland-Winter Haven metro area in Florida had the highest: 19.4 per cent.

As far as healthcare goes, Massachusetts had the best coverage rate for young adults; in 2011, 92.1 per cent of adults aged 19 to 25 had any kind of health insurance in Massachusetts. New Hampshire had the highest percentage of adults aged 19-25 with private health insurance at 75.8 per cent.

The lowest coverage rate was over 30 per cent less — 59.3 per cent of adults aged 19 to 25 had any kind of health insurance in Texas. Arizona had the lowest percentage of adults aged 19-25 with private health insurance: 51.6 per cent.

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