US Cell Phone Sales Slowed Late Q4, Says Samsung (T, VZ, S)

US wireless carrier customers of Samsung saw slowing sales of phones at the end of Q4, Samsung Telecommunications America chief marketing officer Bill Ogle told Reuters at CES:

“We know our carriers have said that toward the end of the selling season business was slowing for them in terms of phones sold,” Ogle said… “We had a stronger fourth quarter than we had in the prior year,” in terms of phone unit sales volumes, he said, adding that while it was clear the lower-end phones were “flying off the shelves” the company was still waiting for data on higher-end phones that went on sale later in the quarter.

Samsung’s carrier customers include AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon Wireless. 

Reuters added that “it was not clear whether the slowing sales related to the timing of customer contract expirations or for other reasons such as economic concerns.” Based on recent weakness in other industries, our guess would be the latter.

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