USA Scores Incredible Goal In The Last Second To Beat Canada, Advance To Olympic Gold-Medal Match

The US women’s soccer team just beat Canada 4-3 at the Olympics with a goal in the 123rd minute.

The game looked all but over, but Alex Morgan looped a header past the goalie to send the US into the gold-medal match against Japan.

The US trailed by a goal three separate times, but came back.

You can watch the goal here >

Heather O’Reilly sent in a perfect cross:

usa canada soccer game cross

Photo: NBCSN

There was a mass of bodies in the box, but Morgan rose above them all:

usa canada game header

Photo: NBCSN

The goalie was a little bit off her line, and got burned:

usa canada back of the net

Photo: NBCSN

The US celebrates, a little stunned:

usa canada game hug

Photo: NBCSN

Here’s the goal-scorer, she can barely believe it:

Alex Morgan

Photo: NBC Olympics

We were also live-blogging it with screenshots and such, you can find all that below…

UPDATE (120+ minute):

Oh wow, Canada keeping on the pressure in stoppage time. Where’s the whistle, the US has to be wondering.

UPDATE (120th minute):

Penalties are close, the ref will blow this one over at any moment…

UPDATE (119th minute):

Off the woodwork for Wambach! A looping header beats the goal-keeper but bounces off the crossbar. Holy cannoli, what a chance

UPDATE (117th minute):

Counterattack fizzles for the US, but Morgan puts the ball in a dangerous area, no one on the end of it for the USA

UPDATE (116th minute):

Free kick from a tricky angle for Canada. Dangerous stuff here… And Solo smothers it, off the go on the counter

UPDATE (114th minute):

So yeah, this game has really fallen apart. USA just lobbing long balls into the box, Canada throwing their bodies in front of everything. Looks like penalty kicks now.

UPDATE (111th minute):

Canada is really backed in its own penalty box, USA still needs to find that final ball though, ~10 minutes left.

UPDATE (109th minute):

Corner for USA is punched out by the Canadian goalie. No chances for Canada so far, USA has had just that corner. Translation: pace is slowing down.

UPDATE (107th minute):

Player hurt for USA, looks like a cramp, she’s OK:

usa soccer player hurt


UPDATE (106th minute):

Off we go! Winner plays Japan in the final. Penalty kicks if no one scores, or if they both score.

UPDATE (105th minute):

The first 15 minutes of extra time is over, and we’ll take a super quick break. USA had the slight edge in the first 15, but Canada had their chances. 15 minutes to go.

UPDATE (104th minute):

Impressive stuff from Canada. They looked like they were ready to hunker down but they’ve come out of their shell and attacked. Corner kick, Canada.

UPDATE (102nd minute):

Free kick from a dangerous area for Canada. Nearly a penalty, but it’s right on the far edge of the box. And.. it sails out of bounds, USA ball.

UPDATE (100th minute):

Great save Canada! Wambach nearly put the Americans ahead. The US is really dominating now, but Canada just needs to hang on for 20 minutes more.

canada goalie save

UPDATE (99th minute):

The first good chance of ET comes from the US, but she sends a volley flying over the bar. USA with the bulk of possession, but needs a final ball.

UPDATE (96th minute):

Canada gets out on the counter, but they botch a pass and the US has it back. The game has gotten sloppy in extra time, but a goal can still come any minute here.

UPDATE (92nd minute):

The pace has definitely slowed down here, but the US is still throwing numbers forward like crazy when they enter the final third. Should open up counter-attacking chances for Canada…

UPDATE (91st minute):

We’re off. Regulation ended in a fever pitch, so we’ll see if both teams are still as aggressive or if they take try to conserve energy early.


Regulation over, and now we’ll go to a 30-minute extra time period. It’s not sudden death, and we’ll go to penalty kicks is no one scores. Whew, what a game.

Expect a goal or two in extra time. There have been chances everywhere, and the USA is still playing a offensive-minded 3-4-3. Megan Rapinoe, the US woman of the match so far, looks a little burnt out going into the extra time:

megan rapinoe


UPDATE (90+ minute):

We’re into stoppage time, and it looks like we’re headed to extra time. There are still all sorts of chances back and forth, and you can probably bet on a goal coming in the 30-minute extra time, unless everyone just gets burnt out by the blistering pace.

UPDATE (89th minute):

Hope Solo with a beautiful kick save from an odd angle. Corner for Canada… and USA clears. Into the 90th minute we go.

UPDATE (87th minute):

Rapinoe sends in a free kick from a dangerous area but it’s cleared out. Still chances in this one, stay tuned…

UPDATE (85th minute):

A whiff by Wambach! She had a wide-open goal on a one-timed cross form Alex Morgan and she pushed it wide. Canada still alive. Wide open:

wambach miss

Photo: NBC

UPDATE (83rd minute):

Back comes Canada with a counterattack, but Sinclair shoots a harmless shot into Hope Solo.

UPDATE (82nd minute):

USA is sustaining pressure right now. If you’re going to bet on either team to score before extra time, it’s the US.

Here’s Wambach after tying it at 3-3:

abby wambach

Photo: NBC


Underdog Canada was up 3-2 on the US late in the Olympic semifinal. But the US tied it at 3-3 with a penalty by Abby Wambach in the 79th minute.

It’s been a crazy game. It was 1-0 Canada in the 52nd minute. After that, the teams have scored five goals in 17 minutes. Christine Sinclair has scored a hat-trick for Canada, Megan Rapinoe has two goals for the US.

We’re now in extra time.

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