US-Based English Comic John Oliver Let Rip On Tony Abbott

John Oliver is a British comedian and political satirist who rose to fame in the US with his appearances on John Stewart’s The Daily Show, including an episode where he got stuck into US gun laws using an interview with former Australian prime minister John Howard.

At the time there was some debate over whether Oliver used the ‘F word’ in front of the former PM.

He now has his own Sunday night HBO show, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, which began last month.

One of the segments on the show is “Other Countries’ Presidents of the United States”.

This week he explained Australian PM Tony Abbott to the US and the world. He didn’t hold back, explaining him as “hard-line right wing”. Proving comedy is in the eye of the beholder, some will think it’s hilarious, others will be offended, which at least Attorney-General George Brandis will think is just fine.

Warning, contains some NSFW words and visuals.

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