October US Auto Sales Were ... Good

The pace of US auto sales climbed in October.

According to AutoData, the annualized rate of sales climbed to 16.5 million. Wards Auto estimates the pace increased to 16.35 million.

This was up from 16.34 million in September, but mixed relative to the 16.4 million forecasted by analysts.

“The Detroit Three (plus Tesla) grabbed 45.6% of October sales, giving up a half-share point from year-ago, with combined deliveries of 580,147,” Wards’ John Sousanis said. “The group’s 4.9% year-over-year gain was just below its 5% year-to-date improvement.

“Asia-based automakers posted the largest monthly growth of any group, with 567,996 sales in October equating to a 7.8% increase in daily sales good for a 44.6% share of the market, compared with a 43.9% share last year.”

Here’s a tally of some of the reports that are out:

  • GM: +0.2% (3.1% estimated)
  • Ford: -1.8% (-4.3% est.)
  • Chrysler: +22% (20% est.)
  • Toyota: +6.9% (6.4% est.)
  • Honda: +5.8% (+7.7% est.)
  • Nissan: +13.3%, (11% est.)
  • Hyundai: -6.5%
  • Kia: +12.4%
  • Volkswagen: +7.8%
  • BMW: +7.9%
  • Audi: +16.5%

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