The US Army's Twitter account 'inadvertently' liked Mindy Kaling's tweet mocking Trump's intelligence

Jason Merritt/Getty ImagesMindy Kaling.
  • The US Army’s Twitter account liked actress and comedian Mindy Kaling’s tweet on Saturday that seemed to be making fun of President Donald Trump’s tweets earlier in the day.
  • The US Army later unliked the tweet and told Business Insider that it was “inadvertently” liked by an operator.
  • It’s not exactly clear if a civilian or soldier liked Kaling’s tweet.

The US Army’s official Twitter account “inadvertently” liked Mindy Kaling’s tweet on Saturday that seemed to be making fun of President Donald Trump’s rage-tweets earlier in the day, Lt. Col. Jason Brown, a US Army spokesperson, told Business Insider.

“An operator of the Army’s official Twitter account inadvertently ‘liked’ a tweet whose content would not be endorsed by the Department of the Army. As soon as it was brought to our attention, it was immediately corrected,” Brown wrote in an email to Business Insider.

Kaling had tweeted a picture of Kelly Kapoor, her character from “The Office,” with a quote on the bottom reading: “You guys, I’m like really smart now, you don’t even know.”

Trump sent out a series of tweets earlier on Saturday claiming he was “like, really smart” and “a very stable genius” in response to Michael Wolff’s new book, “Fire & Fury: Inside the Trump White House.” The book quotes multiple current and former cabinet members insulting his intelligence.

Wolff also said in an interview on the “Today” show Friday that 100% of the people around Trump, including top aides and family members, question his intelligence and fitness for office.

He has added, however, that he isn’t certain all of the book’s contents are true.

Kaling responded to the US Army liking her tweet by tweeting “#armystrong.” The US Army, however, had unliked her original tweet by early Sunday.

When asked how the operator liked the tweet, given that the US Army Twitter handle doesn’t follow Kaling, Brown said, “I won’t go into further specifics, but we will take action appropriate to the circumstances.”

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