Americans Are The Worst At Following Their National Soccer Team In Mobile Apps

As the U.S. prepares to face off against Germany in today’s match, results from a recent Localytics report show that Americans might not be the most patriotic fans when it comes to the World Cup.

Localytics has been analysing Onefootball Brasil usage during the World Cup, and turns out only 22% of American users follow the U.S. Compare that to the whopping 92% of Brazil mobile app users that are following their home country.

Not only that, but the two most popular games for U.S. mobile users were the first two Mexico games. The USA vs. Ghana and USA vs. Portugal games ranked just 4th and 5th for popularity among U.S. mobile users.

To be fair, Americans may be more patriotic in other ways. According to Nielson, the USA and Portugal game drew more than 18 million U.S. viewers. And Facebook gathered data that pointed to USA being the most represented country in Brazil. But on mobile apps, Americans seem to be slacking.

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