US Alliance With Muslim Brotherhood Goes Way Back


Photo: ap

The major papers are reporting today that the Muslim Brotherhood has reversed course and announced that it will send representatives to “begin talks about a government transition.” 

Ian Johnson reports on his blog at The New York Review of Books, that the US has been doing business with the Muslim Brotherhood for a very long time and, for some reason, the Muslim Brotherhood always seems to do quite well in those business dealings.

Johnson reports:

Since the 1950s, the United States has secretly struck up alliances with the Brotherhood or its offshoots on issues as diverse as fighting communism and calming tensions among European Muslims. And if we look to history, we can see a familiar pattern: each time, US leaders have decided that the Brotherhood could be useful and tried to bend it to America’s goals, and each time, maybe not surprisingly, the only party that clearly has benefited has been the Brotherhood.

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